Westport: A Heritage Town

    Westport's distinctive heritage features can be found predominantly within the Architectural Conservation Area, which forms the core of the town. Westport’s charm is due partly to its setting along the river, enfolded by hills and mountains, with the sea beyond, and partly to the quality of its Georgian architecture. (It should be noted that many buildings have been replaced in recent times -- some in the Georgian genre and some in a modern style.) Whatever may be felt about pastiche in architecture, the widespread retention of the character of the original Georgian buildings has given the town a homogeneous and pleasing streetscape, which is part of its attraction.

    While walking through the architectural core of the town, it is worth taking time to note various details of the built environment. Look at doorways, fanlights, door-knockers, boot-scrapers, and the limestone steps which show the wear of many feet down through the ages. Window designs are also noteworthy: the sash window is a common Georgian feature, originally with many panes of wobbly glass. Roof slates also tell a story: are they old, thick, quarried slate or modern composite slates? At archways and corners of buildings you may notice distinctly-shaped stones which were originally placed there to prevent the wheels of wagons and carriages of old from knocking out the stones of the building. Along the pavement are old water pumps from the days when houses did not have running water. Observe the interesting designs on some of the manhole covers along the pavement - try doing a brass rubbing as a souvenir!

    Westport Civic Trust Aims

    Promote and initiate the preservation and protection, renewal and improvement of the buildings and other features of the natural, historical, cultural, scientific and architectural interest of the area, for the benefit of the community.

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