Programme of Lectures 2019-2020

    Our lecture programme for Autumn, Winter, and Spring 2019–20 is listed below. We hope that you will find something in the programme  to interest, inform and amuse you during the long dark months that are not so far ahead now.

    The lectures will take place on Tuesdays at 8pm in the Westport Coast Hotel on the Quay on the dates listed below. 

    Admission is free for members of the Civic Trust and €5.00 for non-members. That means that paid-up members are making a profit after 2½ lectures . . . .

    17th September

    Dr Elvira de Eyto (Marine Institute) ‘Tracking environmental change in the lakes and rivers of the Burrishoole catchment’.

    15rd October

    Prof John Bradley (Murrisk, ex-ESRI), ‘To Hell or to Connaught: The origins of Ireland's east-west economic divide’

    19th November

    Dr Conor Murphy (Maynooth University) ‘The wet and windy west? Climate Change: past, present, and future’.

    17th December

    Tony and Ger Reidy, Pre-Christmas music and poetry session

    21st January

    Seamus Gavin (GPrint Westport) ‘Photographs reflecting life in Westport 100+ years ago’.

    18th February

    Dr Benjamin Thébaudeau (Ryan Institute, NUIG) ‘The Joyce Country Geopark project in north Connemara and south Mayo’.

    24th March

    Kevin & Susan Denny (The Field, Leenane) ‘The Malawi Children's Village project’.

    21st April

    Prof P J Duffy (Civic Trust and Maynooth University) ‘The land beyond the lights – rural electrification in Mayo and the rest of Ireland in the 1950s’

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