Awards and Grants


    2000:  Gulbenkian Foundation: Best New Civic Trust
    2000:  Heritage Council: Westport 2000 CD ROM
    2001:  Gulbenkian Foundation: Environmental Award for Workshops and work on protecting and enhancing the Old Railway Line Walk
    2007:  Heritage Council of Ireland: Transition Year Project "The Built Environment"
    2007:  Westport Town Council: For participating in the Pride of Place Competition
    2007:  Westport Town Council: For participating in Communities in Bloom Competition
    2014:  Apple Green UK: Award for Working to Protect the Environment


    2000:  Heritage Council - CD ROM: “The Buildings of Westport, 2000 A.D.”
    2007:  Heritage Council - Transition Year Project: “The Built Environment” - Funding for an inventory of Westport's heritage architecture, providing research for a later publication
    2009:  Heritage Council - Publication of Walk the Line: Pocket Guide to the Railway Line Walk, Written and illustrated by Iris Galloway and Rob Kennan
    2010:  Westport Town Council - Amenity Grant covering the costs of the Wildflower Seeds which we distributed at our 2010 Flag Day
    2013:  Westport Town Council - Amenity Grant for our submission of a “ Sustainable Travel Plan”
    2014:  Westport Town Council - Amenity Grant for our work in general
    2014:  Allergan - Grant for our Lecture Series
    2014:  Heritage Council - Heritage Week Event Support Grant for our display in an empty shop window detailing various projects, workshops and campaigns the Trust has undertaken over the years

    Westport Civic Trust Aims

    Promote and initiate the preservation and protection, renewal and improvement of the buildings and other features of the natural, historical, cultural, scientific and architectural interest of the area, for the benefit of the community.

    Westport Civic Trust


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